Considering online investment has taken a spike in the recent years, many trading software has appeared online. Some of them are genuine, while others only exist to scam the traders and take their money. But, that’s not the case with Fintech LTD, apart from offering the basic features, this trading software offers some unique characteristics as well. It works closely with reputable binary options brokers, which are regulated and authentic. You don’t have to worry about someone taking your money and ripping you off because your investment with Fintech LTD is secure.

How to use this software?

The Fintech LTD is a powerful binary options robot that analyzes the financial market and monitors profitable opportunities. It will place the trades based on trader’s customized preferences. With this trading platform, you can trade more than 50 assets which include commodities, stocks, and currency pairs. Traders have the ability to adapt the software based on their needs; it means you can set up the assets you want to trade in the amount you want to invest. You can determine the amount you would like to invest in one single trade and the software will follow your orders. You can change the positions at any moment, but once you set them up, the software will start working even when you aren’t logged in. This auto – pilot mode is one of the most useful features of this trading platform.

It is beginners friendly

You don’t have to be an expert in order to use this platform. With a variety of binary trading options, this robot is a useful solution for all the people who want to start with this type of trading. This doesn’t mean Fintech LTD is only intended for inexperienced traders; professionals can also enjoy trading with this software. The more experience you have, the bigger money you will make.

How to start?

You will encounter no problems when you try to open an account with Fintech LTD. The whole procedure in done in just a few minutes. Once you place your information, you are required to make a deposit; the minimum amount is $250. This is only used to credit your account so that the software can place the trades instead of you. If you invest larger amount, you can expect the bigger return. Considering that payout is 80%. Fintech LTD is an entirely free platform and doesn’t require any download.